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Singing with Rachela

From 2 Locations
Mile End 
Holden Hill 

If your a singer that feels you can do so much more with your voice then this may be just for you.

I believe that if the voice is trained properly, you will be able to sing for hours on end without straining or getting tired. With my many years of teaching, coming up 16 years now, I have been able to help many singers undo bad habits, get a full sound and use their voice at its full potential.

Suitable for experienced singers or performers that find their voice is getting quite worn or tired after gigs. Suitable for singers wanting to get better control belting out high notes. Especially suited to singers wanting to join or start a band. You will learn how to get the best out of your voice and be able to sing challenging songs for long hours without damaging your voice. 

The best thing about this is once you have learnt to use your voice correctly, there is really no need to continue with lessons as you will know your own voice and be confident how to use it. 
You will develop a strong voice with power and projection, find your full range and use every note at its best. 

I believe there is no song too hard, if you have the passion to get there then with the right training you will!! Come have some fun and see if its for you. You may be very surprised of what your voice is really capable of. 

Suitable for any age and any style of singer.

Beginners are also welcome.
Suitable if you are a speaker or lecturer with voice damage or hoarseness.
Suitable if you are a performer and your voice can't seem to keep up with all the gigs.
Suitable if you are looking to improve your overall technique this will surely bring out the best in you!

Your voice is a muscle, when trained and used correctly it will perform at its best!

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