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The First Note


Rachela and Milana have both been successful in their own music path career. Bringing them together they have created a powerhouse and have so much to offer. 

Teach In Harmony


At Shine Studio Rachela and Milana have teamed up in perfect harmony. Together they  have to offer Singing Lessons, Piano lessons, and Theory lessons, all in one place. With regular Open Mic nights that are open to singers and musicians. Including a separate session for under 18s, giving them the chance to experience the stage. We believe experience is one of lifes best teachers!

We’d love to hear from you!

Hear It From The Students

"When I first started lessons with Rachela I had never had any vocal coaching. I had a reasonable natural voice and had performed previously but nothing major. I decided to take my voice more seariously and develop my skills and was lucky to have Rachela teach me the correct techniques for enhancing my voice. 


At first I was rather intrigued by the Opera techniques she was teaching me as Opera is not really my favourite genre of music, but I didn't let that deter me, for using these techniques gave me a big powerful voice that can be used with any style of music. Rachela didn't teach me Opera she gave me the tools to effortly sing seamlessly. I was running through the motions she was advising and could see improvements. My voice was becoming clearer and more powerful with less effort. I kept at my lessons and eventually had a light bulb moment. I could feel exactly what I should be doing and how my voice should sound. The breathing techniques, posture and diaphragm all made sense and all of a sudden my range and clarity of vocals were clearer and effortless. I no longer have to try so hard to hit powerful high notes they come with ease by learning the right techniques.


Rachela is very patient, friendly and encouraging which certainly helps you progress. She loves to see you succeed and her excitement at seeing you improve certainly gives you the drive to keep learning. The Open Mic nights were a great opportunity to show off new vocal skills and advertise yourself. I found many musicians came to these nights and its a great way to mingle and find band members. "